Root Canal Therapy in Nepean, Ontario - Tooth-Sensitivity to Hot and Cold?

Dr. Janet S. Leith performs root canal therapy for teeth that suffer from having damaged dental pulp, which is the soft tissue found inside each tooth that supplies it with nerves and nourishment. If the dental pulp becomes damaged, it can cause toothaches, infection and potentially tooth-loss. While a root canal may sound scary, this simply isn’t true. Modern techniques and anesthetics allow us to perform the procedure with maximum comfort, safety and efficiency. 

During your procedure Nepean Dentist Dr. Janet S. Leith will administer a local anesthetic to numb the tooth to be treated. This ensures you won’t feel a thing. The tooth is then opened up and the damaged dental pulp is gently removed. The tooth is then refilled with a special dental material and capped off with a crown. 

If you’re suffering from any tooth discomfort or pain, contact Dr. Janet S. Leith in Ottawa-South / Nepean to setup an appointment today.

Root Canal Therapy in Nepean, OntarioRoot Canal Therapy in Nepean, ON

Root Canal Therapy in Nepean