Wisdom Teeth - Tooth Extraction Nepean, Ottawa-South

While The Dental Health Practice in Nepean's dentist always strives to save a tooth before even considering removing a tooth, there may be times when a tooth extraction may be necessary. These include when a tooth is severely decayed to the point that it cannot be repaired, if it’s an impacted wisdom teeth or when we need to prepare your mouth for dentures or dental implants.

Our oral surgeon Dr. Janet S. Leith will examine your mouth to determine if a tooth extraction is necessary. We only use the latest methods and equipment to ensure you receive the best dental care possible. Working n our office or together with our Oral Surgery partner offices, we will make sure your treatment is as easy and comfortable as possible.

If you’re suffering from wisdom teeth pains, or think a tooth needs to be removed and are looking for professional, timely, and friendly service, contact Dr. Janet S. Leith and the dental team in Nepean, Ontario today.

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