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At The Dental Health Practice in Nepean, we strive to provide you with a comfortable dental experience. For patients who are extremely anxious or who need extensive dental work done, we offer a variety of sedation methods to keep you comfortable.

Sedation helps with two things at the dentist's - 

We can help relieve you of some pain and anxiety so that you are more comfortable with your treatment / procedure.

As well, we can accomplish what the dentist sets out to do for you more effectively, as it can reduce the amount of physical reaction you have to what the dentist is doing.

General Anesthesia -
Also known as sleep dentistry, this form of sedation literally puts you to sleep during your procedure. This is ideal for patients who are very nervous and who need major surgery done.
Oral Conscious Sedation -
To help you keep calm, you will have to take an oral sedative before your visit. Once your procedure begins, we will add nitrous oxide to keep you calm and relaxed throughout. 

Nitrous Oxide -
Administered through a face mask, this gas enhances relaxation while reducing pain. It is commonly given with an oral sedative to maximize the calming effects. 

IV Conscious Sedation -
This puts you in a completely relaxed yet conscious state during your procedure. Because it is given via IV, the effects are felt extremely quickly. 

Contact Dr. Janet S. Leith to find out more about our sedation methods.