Bonded Fillings in Napean - South Ottawa

If you thought that cavities could only be treated with metal fillings, you’ll be happy to learn that dental technology has come a long way. Dentist in Nepean Dr. Janet S. Leith offers patients from Nepean and surrounding communities bonded fillings to treat a variety of oral problems, like filling in dental cavities, decayed teeth, cracked teeth, and gaps between teeth. 

Bonded fillings at our dental office in Nepean are constructed of a high quality, tooth-coloured, resin that bonds directly to your teeth. The resin is highly durable and moldable, which makes it the ideal substance to fashion your perfect smile with. 

The composite resin is also indistinguishable from regular teeth since the material is matched to your teeth’s natural shade and texture. This ensures natural looking aesthetically pleasing results.

Bonded fillings can be applied in a single appointment, which helps you save valuable time for you and your family. If you’re looking for professional and aesthetic results, contact Dr. Janet S. Leith in Nepean, Ontario today. 

Bonded Fillings in NapeanBonded Fillings in South Ottawa