Dental Implant Ottawa South, Nepean Ontario

Dental implants are probably the most effective and permanent means of replacing missing teeth. In Ottawa-South / Nepean, Implants are preferable to some, versus dental bridgework or dentures, because they are extremely stable, durable and completely independent of neighbouring teeth. Because dental implants are placed directly into the lost tooth’s jawbone , they help to prevent bone loss in the jaws. For these reasons, dental implants closely mimic the look and function of natural teeth. 

Dental implants are fabricated out of high-grade titanium, which is imbedded directly into your jawbone. After roughly 3-6 months, once the tissues heal, the implant will remain firmly in place  as the bone has integrated to the bio-compatible titanium. Working with our specialists, both oral surgeons and periodontists, we will plan and execute your treatment with care and precision.

Once healing has occurred,
a dental crown, bridge or overdenture is placed on top of the implant to complete your new smile. 

To find out if you’re an ideal candidate for dental implants, contact Dr. Janet S. Leith in Nepean, Ontario for a consultation.

Dental Implant Ottawa SouthDental Implant Ottawa

Dental Implant NepeanDental Implant Ottawa South ON

Dental Implant in Nepean