Dental Hygiene Services in Napean, ON -Teeth Cleaning, Checkups & more

Brushing and flossing are important to keeping your gums and teeth healthy. However, regular dental visits are also important. If you’re not routinely visiting your dentist, you may be putting yourself at risk for oral health complications, such as tooth decay and gum disease. Dental visits are essential for maintaining a healthy smile because your dentist can check, treat, and prevent oral health complications that can harm your teeth and gums. Your care plan will be individualized to your specific needs and oral health.

In addition to oral exams and teeth cleanings, your Nepean Dentist, Dr. Janet S. Leith, offers fluoride treatments and non-surgical gum therapy to keep your mouth healthy.

Our hygiene services are customized to your unique needs and are performed in our modern and comfortable facilities. Contact our office in Nepean, Ontario to set up a dental examination, teeth cleaning, scaling and oral prophylaxis appointment for you and your family. 

Hygiene Services in NapeanHygiene Services in Napean ONHygiene Services in Napean Ontario